Families congregate on the malecon on a Friday night. A Grammy-nominated artist makes a surprise appearance at a neighborhood jazz bar. Tech entrepreneurs design apps that function without the Internet. Under the light of a street lamp, children play soccer in the street, while four men sit around a dominoes table.

Is this a wrinkle in time? 

This is Cuba.

Our Mission

At HabanaLive, we are Cuba aficionados who believe that on this island, remarkable things are happening. We know that when groups gather here, the Cuban inventando spirit takes hold, giving birth to new ideas and bonds.

Our mission is to curate the best of Cuba for you to create moments that stand still, moments when synapses fire along new pathways. We pursue this with passion and perfection. 

Our Work

From design to execution, HabanaLive handles all aspects of travel and programming for diverse travel types: artisanal, entertainment, meetings, incentive trips, conferences, and events.

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Artisinal travel


Incentive & Executive Travel

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Events & Entertainment

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Meetings & Conferences



"This year's meeting in Cuba was an unforgettable experience. Cuba proved to be a magical place, alive with the arts, a fascinating history, remarkable architecture and welcoming people."

Mitchell Benson, M.D., President NY Section American Urological Association